Once a large Direct Mail vendor itself, JC Trading understands the exact needs of Direct Mail Marketers.
JC Trading has a tremendous depth of experience developing product specifically for the Direct Mail market.

JC Trading can provide exclusive diamond and color stone jewelry targeted at our clients customers base. Most wholesalers make one "line" a year. JC Trading designs a slightly different line for each of it's customers and is also able to meet specific design requests. We work with our clients to give them exactly what they want - FAST!

At JC Trading we work quickly. We can design and deliver a new jewelry design in three to four weeks.
Large orders can be completed in the same time frame.

Designing beautiful jewelry is only half the battle. At JC Trading we know that our customers need jewelry that will sell! Working with our stone suppliers we design products with the type of fine pricing that meets the exacting requirements of our customers, while still introducing new ideas, color combinations and promotional concepts.

JC Trading has been dealing with the same manufacturers in the Orient for over 25 years. We deal on a personal
and family basis which allows us to avoid most of the problems associated with dealing overseas.

JC Trading can modify any jewelry design quickly and efficiently to assist buyers in meeting price points and other marketing needs.

JC Trading prides itself on never delivering late and always delivering exactly what the customer ordered.
We have all heard horror stories of retailers who have placed orders overseas, only to have the shipments arrive late and bear little resemblance to the product they ordered or the samples they were shown. Dealing overseas sounds easy but is full of difficulties and pitfalls.

We have the experience, we have the knowledge and we will provide you with the designs quality and pricing that you need.